Professional Metal Forming Services for Seattle, WA and the Surrounding Areas. 

Evergreen Metal Works’ Metal Forming uses a variety of press brakes & dies to form components to intricate parts, we can ensure that the resulting metal products exhibit the strength and durability necessary for your metal forming project.

At Evergreen Metal Works we use our skills and expertise to bring designs and ideas to life, turning raw metal materials into functional and aesthetically pleasing products.

A press brake is a pivotal tool in metal working, enabling us to precisely shape sheet metal. With a robust frame and hydraulic components, it elegantly bends metal sheets using a descending ram and specialized tooling. Advanced CNC controls allow us to manipulate bending angles and depth with accuracy. In various industries, from automotive to aerospace, the press brake is a powerful and efficient tool, offering us a reliable means to achieve intricate and consistent metal forms.

Common metal forming projects include:

  • Welded Gates and Fences
  • Metal Artwork
  • Architectural Beams
  • Automotive Components
  • Aerospace Parts
  • Customized Industrial Shafts
  • Structural Steel Framing
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Components
  • Custom Decorative Metal Art
  • Industrial Machinery Parts
  • Marine-grade Steel Fabrication

If you have any specific questions or if there’s a particular aspect of the Metal Forming process you’d like to discuss or inquire about, feel free to contact us! Give us a call at (425) 235-1431 or fill out the form below to get a quote on your next project.

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