CNC Waterjet Cutting

Evergreen Metal Works specializes in CNC Waterjet Cutting of all types of materials up to 8″ thick in Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, WA and the Puget Sound area.


The abrasive Waterjet utilizes high pressure water mixed with garnet to efficiently cut through material from paper thin to 8” solid steel. The waterjet cutting process uses state of the art CNC driven control from CAD drawings to keep tolerance and repeatability to .0004″. The Waterjet doesn’t create heat zones and has no limitations on hole size vs material thickness that other types of cutting, laser, plasma or burning will have.

Waterjet Cutting Can Be Used for Many Metals and Industries

Along with the normal list of materials; Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum, the Waterjet is able to cut through many other types of material such as rubber, plastic, glass, ceramic tile, wood etc.

Taking Care of the Environment

Evergreen Metal Works uses a Closed Loop Water System and Garnet Abrasive Recovery Removal System. We believe in protecting the environment.

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