Welcome to Evergreen Metal Works, a leading welding company with a 25-year legacy in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Since our 1998 establishment, we’ve proudly served the Seattle and Puget Sound region, becoming a cornerstone of the local welding industry. With over 25 years of experience, our skilled team and cutting-edge technology have earned us a reputation for excellence in Seattle and its surrounding areas.

Evergreen Metal Works - Metal Fabrication
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Committed to precision and innovation, Evergreen Metal Works has contributed to the growth of vibrant Pacific Northwest communities. From intricate custom fabrications to large-scale installations, we’ve left a lasting mark on Seattle’s skyline and the Puget Sound shores. At Evergreen Metal Works, we forge connections through our work, making us an integral part of the Seattle and Puget Sound business landscape.




Evergreen Metal Works is located in Pacific, Washington. We work with all metals including; mild steel, aluminum, stainless, mild & galvanized steel. We take on projects of all sizes and offer quick turnaround times.